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Hiking in the Arravalis
The Arravali hills stretch out to the South and West of Krishna Ranch. During the dry months the landscape is quite barren, but with the onset of the monsoons, the Arravali-range booms with the numerous species of plants. From July to October the landscape looks lovely and  green. The dry months give a totally different, wilder feel which is also very interesting. The area is scattered with remote,  tribal settlements and small farms.

We offer 2 different day-treks, passing through remote and unknown parts of the Arravalis. Our English speaking guides are very familiar with the area and will explain a lot about the culture and nature during the walks.
Ubeshwar village trek
Through beautiful country-side, tribal areas and along Badi-lake we will walk to Ubeshwar  which is located on top of a mountain.  We will walk mostly on tracks which are not accessible to other traffic. The area is hilly, but the walk is not too strenuous.

The views on the mountains, the variety of the landscape and the interesting villages with small farms make this a very attractive hike.

We will  have lunch near a small village and walk on to Ubeshwar from where we will enjoy great views on the surrounding landscape. Our jeep will take you back to the ranch or to your hotel.
Monsoon Palace Wildlife trek
We will walk up to the Monsoon Palace, the highest point near Udaipur. We will  pass beautiful Badi-lake before we enter the Monsoon Palace Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home of deer, leopards, monitor lizards, a variety of birds and many other animals.

We will take the special walking track which is totally free of traffic. When, after a steep climb we reach the top, we will be rewarded with a spectacular  view on the surrounding mountains and Udaipur-city.

We will visit the Monsoon Palace and have a tasty lunch enjoying the views. Our jeep will take you back to the ranch, but there is also a possibility to walk back.

Full day hiking

INR 1500

½ day hike with track guide (non English speaking)

INR 800
Only available for clients staying at Krishna Ranch